Nicki & Marc's Wedding Day: Channel Club, NJ


JCWoodPhotography-22What a great way to kick off our 2016 wedding season... Nicki and Marc had such a beautiful day on the water at the Channel Club in Monmouth Beach.  The party was packed with family and friends who kept the dance floor going all night... Your wedding entourage were great to be with and helped us capture some great images for you.  We wish you guys all the best with your marriage in the future... Enjoy this little preview of your day!JCWoodPhotography-5 JCWoodPhotography-6 JCWoodPhotography-1 JCWoodPhotography-4 JCWoodPhotography-7 JCWoodPhotography-2 JCWoodPhotography-8 JCWoodPhotography-9 JCWoodPhotography-10 JCWoodPhotography-11 JCWoodPhotography-12 JCWoodPhotography-13 JCWoodPhotography-14 JCWoodPhotography-15 JCWoodPhotography-16 JCWoodPhotography-17 JCWoodPhotography-18 JCWoodPhotography-19 JCWoodPhotography-20 JCWoodPhotography-21 JCWoodPhotography-25 JCWoodPhotography-26 JCWoodPhotography-23 JCWoodPhotography-24 JCWoodPhotography-27 JCWoodPhotography-28 JCWoodPhotography-30 JCWoodPhotography-29 JCWoodPhotography-31 JCWoodPhotography-32 JCWoodPhotography-33 JCWoodPhotography-34 JCWoodPhotography-36 JCWoodPhotography-35 JCWoodPhotography-37

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