Naveen & Seena's Wedding Day: Long Island, NY


jcwoodphotography-8We had a great day with Seena and Naveen at Pellegrini Vineyards in Long Island for their wedding.  The weather was perfect and the venue was absolutely beautiful from the ceremony to the reception.  We wish you nothing but the best in the future and hope you enjoy this little preview.jcwoodphotography-1 jcwoodphotography-26 jcwoodphotography-3 jcwoodphotography-2 jcwoodphotography-27 jcwoodphotography-4 jcwoodphotography-5 jcwoodphotography-25 jcwoodphotography-6 jcwoodphotography-7 jcwoodphotography-11 jcwoodphotography-10 jcwoodphotography-9 jcwoodphotography-13 jcwoodphotography-14 jcwoodphotography-15 jcwoodphotography-16 jcwoodphotography-17 jcwoodphotography-28 jcwoodphotography-12 jcwoodphotography-18 jcwoodphotography-19 jcwoodphotography-20 jcwoodphotography-21 jcwoodphotography-30 jcwoodphotography-23 jcwoodphotography-29 jcwoodphotography-24

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