Lauren & Brian's Engagement Shoot: Dukes Farm, NJ


jcwoodphotography-10We had a really fun time with Brian and Lauren for there engagement session.  We started the day at Dukes Farm for some nice outdoor photos then finished the day at a cross-fit gym.  You guys had some really great ideas and I can't wait for your wedding this month.  Enjoy this little preview!jcwoodphotography-9 jcwoodphotography-11 jcwoodphotography-4 jcwoodphotography-8 jcwoodphotography-6 jcwoodphotography-1 jcwoodphotography-2 jcwoodphotography-3 jcwoodphotography-5 jcwoodphotography-7 jcwoodphotography-12 jcwoodphotography-14 jcwoodphotography-13 jcwoodphotography-15 jcwoodphotography-16 jcwoodphotography-17

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