Jenna & Brad's Wedding Day: The Rockleigh CC, NJ


JCWoodPhotography-23One of the best weddings of the year for us!  We loved spending the day with Jenna and Brad at Rockleigh Country Club for their beautiful wedding day.  You guys were surrounded by loving family and friends who really couldn't of had a better time that night.  Plus the band you had playing kept the dance floor packed from start to finish.  Thank you for involving us in your big day, enjoy this preview.JCWoodPhotography-1 JCWoodPhotography-6 JCWood Photography 2nd JCWoodPhotography-5 JCWoodPhotography-2 JCWoodPhotography-9 JCWood Photography 2nd-3 JCWoodPhotography-7 JCWoodPhotography-10 JCWoodPhotography-12 JCWoodPhotography-13 JCWoodPhotography-14 JCWoodPhotography-15 JCWoodPhotography-21 JCWood Photography 2nd-5 JCWood Photography 2nd-6 JCWoodPhotography-22 JCWoodPhotography-16 JCWoodPhotography-17 JCWoodPhotography-24 JCWoodPhotography-18 JCWoodPhotography-20 JCWood Photography 2nd-9 JCWoodPhotography-19 JCWood Photography 2nd-7 JCWood Photography 2nd-4 JCWoodPhotography-25 JCWoodPhotography-26 JCWoodPhotography-27 JCWoodPhotography-28 JCWood Photography 2nd-14 JCWoodPhotography-29 JCWoodPhotography-31 JCWoodPhotography-32 JCWoodPhotography-33 JCWoodPhotography-30 JCWoodPhotography-35 JCWoodPhotography-36 JCWoodPhotography-34 JCWoodPhotography-37 JCWoodPhotography-38 JCWoodPhotography-41 JCWoodPhotography-43 JCWoodPhotography-39 JCWoodPhotography-42 JCWoodPhotography-40 JCWoodPhotography-44 JCWoodPhotography-45

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