Jackie & Eric's Wedding Day: Rock Island Lake Club, NJ


JCWoodPhotography-28Some days in the summer always stick out more than others before the season turns to fall... Well Jackie and Eric had one of those perfect days last week at Rock Island Lake Club.  If you are getting married next year you should check out Rock Island, they helped the newlyweds throw an amazing party.  You guys were so much fun throughout the day and really gave the us all a lesson on true love.  So happy to share these with you and your families... Best of luck to you guys and we hope to see you both soon.JCWoodPhotography-4 JCWoodPhotography-1 JCWoodPhotography-2 JCWoodPhotography-3 JCWoodPhotography-5 JCWoodPhotography-6 JCWoodPhotography-7 JCWoodPhotography-8 JCWoodPhotography-9 JCWoodPhotography-10 JCWoodPhotography-11 JCWoodPhotography-12 JCWoodPhotography-13 JCWoodPhotography-14 JCWoodPhotography-15 JCWoodPhotography-16 JCWoodPhotography-17 JCWoodPhotography-21 JCWoodPhotography-18 JCWoodPhotography-19 JCWoodPhotography-20 JCWoodPhotography-22 JCWoodPhotography-25 JCWoodPhotography-27 JCWoodPhotography-26 JCWoodPhotography-24 JCWoodPhotography-23 JCWoodPhotography-30 JCWoodPhotography-29 JCWoodPhotography-31 JCWoodPhotography-33 JCWoodPhotography-32 JCWoodPhotography-35 JCWoodPhotography-36 JCWoodPhotography-34 JCWoodPhotography-37 JCWoodPhotography-38 JCWoodPhotography-39 JCWoodPhotography-40 JCWoodPhotography-41 JCWoodPhotography-42 JCWoodPhotography-43

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