Jackie & Nick's Engagement Shoot: Sandy Hook, NJ


JCWoodPhotography-9We had a perfect day on the beach for Jackie and Nick's engagement shoot.  Sandy Hook has so much to offer and we tried to get a little bit of everything.  It was a little windy, but we all survived and got some good photos in return.  It was great meeting you both and I'm looking forward to next year!JCWoodPhotography-21 JCWoodPhotography-7 JCWoodPhotography-16 JCWoodPhotography-4 JCWoodPhotography-3 JCWoodPhotography-8 JCWoodPhotography-1 JCWoodPhotography-15 JCWoodPhotography-14 JCWoodPhotography-12 JCWoodPhotography-2 JCWoodPhotography-10 JCWoodPhotography-6 JCWoodPhotography-13 JCWoodPhotography-17 JCWoodPhotography-18 JCWoodPhotography-11 JCWoodPhotography-19 JCWoodPhotography-20 JCWoodPhotography-5

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