Gabriella & Chris's Wedding Day: Stony Hill Inn, NJ


JCWoodPhotography-4We had such a beautiful day for Gabriella and Chris's wedding at Stony Hill Inn. Even though the power went out for a brief time at the reception, everyone still danced the day away and celebrated the newlyweds.  Thanks so much for making us part of your day and enjoy this little preview!JCWoodPhotography-1 JCWoodPhotography-6 JCWoodPhotography-2 JCWoodPhotography-7 JCWoodPhotography-5 JCWoodPhotography-9 JCWoodPhotography-8 JCWoodPhotography-10 JCWoodPhotography-11 JCWoodPhotography-13 JCWoodPhotography-12 JCWoodPhotography-15 JCWoodPhotography-16 JCWoodPhotography-17 JCWoodPhotography-14 JCWoodPhotography-18 JCWoodPhotography-19 JCWoodPhotography-20 JCWoodPhotography-22 JCWoodPhotography-23 JCWoodPhotography-21 JCWoodPhotography-25 JCWoodPhotography-27 JCWoodPhotography-24 JCWoodPhotography-29 JCWoodPhotography-26 JCWoodPhotography-28