Brett & Bella's Wedding Day - Lake Valhalla Club, Montville NJ



So this was the wedding I had highlighted on my calendar all year and was really excited to shoot...It turned out to be everything I could have imagined and more!  You guys are really a photographers dream couple to say the least, you are so in love and it shows with every click of my camera.  I was speaking with my assistant this morning and he told me that I was smiling all night while taking photos of you two... I guess I couldn't help myself.  Weddings that are anchored by family and friends always tug at my heart strings especially with someone I have spent a lot of time with in the past.  You guys really put on a show last night and if everyone could take a page out of your book we would all be better for it... I hope these images captured the special moments for you from yesterday and it was my pleasure to share the day with everyone.  I wish you nothing but the best Brett & Bella and I will be seeing you both soon.

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